Why "Quindar?"

Quindar tones were the quarter-second high-pitched “beeps” heard during the Apollo space missions and through the space shuttle era. These tones were used before and after every air-to-ground communication between mission control and the astronauts to turn on and off, or "key," the remote transmitters at the various ground tracking stations around the world.

Although it wasn’t the primary purpose, over time quindar tones helped astronauts (and audiences worldwide) know that communication from mission control was clear and complete.

For many, that particular sound conjures images of humans extending the boundaries of space exploration. For me, it’s evocative of the wonderfully creative folks I worked with at NASA through the years. It gets bonus points for also being an innovative, fairly simple and cost-effective solution to a communications technical problem facing the early days of human spaceflight.

We want to be your innovative, cost-effective solution for communication challenges. The "Quindar Media" name is also a way of paying homage to innovative thinkers and explorers as we “stand on the shoulders of giants.”

- Timothy J. Allen, V.P & Director of Strategic Communication