On the Horizon for 2016

Have you ever been so excited to open that Christmas present that you just couldn’t wait to share with others? I feel the same way about some of the communication tips I’ll be sharing with our clients in 2016.

Beginning in January, Quindar Media will be publishing new articles each month focused on how you can make the most of your communication efforts. Helping others with the unique skills and knowledge our staff has gained over the past 20 years of working with innovative organizations is one of the most rewarding parts of this business and I can’t wait for 2016.

With that, I want to give you a quick preview of some of the things we’ll be talking about in 2016.

  • We’re developing several new training courses designed for corporate retreats or onsite training sessions. These include sessions inspired by my work at NASA that will help you discover your "creative genius," as well as courses designed to help your organization eliminate bureaucracy and red tape while you nourish innovation throughout your organization. There's even a quick “bite-sized” session called “Tapping Into Your Creativity” where we'll teach your employees how to play a musical instrument as they learn how to bring creativity into their "day jobs."
  • We’ll take an in-depth look at the new and improved Barcelona Principles 2.0 that were announced in September 2015. The Barcelona Principles outline the basic principles of PR and communication measurement and represent an industry-wide consensus on this topic. We’ll look at how these updated principles apply to innovative organizations and how they can keep your communication efforts focused and effective.
  • We’ll be bringing you stories and practical tips from some of the more than 200 inventors, creatives and entrepreneurs that our staff has interviewed over the past two decades. You can think of them as “life hacks” that bring some very useful lessons from successful innovators into your office.

Best wishes to you all as we we look forward to an exciting 2016!

-       Timothy Allen, VP & Director of Strategic Communication, Quindar Media, LLC