Quindar Media, LLC is a strategic communications firm that specializes in helping innovative government organizations and their partners create and share their unique stories.

Our custom training sessions and interactive workshops are designed specifically to enhance the creative genius of those working within – or in collaboration with – government organizations or other complex institutions. We also offer strategic communication consulting, public relations, branding, creative talent development and creative content production services. 

 Our staff has more than two decades of experience helping federal and local government and nonprofit institutions change the world and share their success stories.

We make sure your voice is not only heard; we make sure it is clear.

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Launching Your Creativity Workshops

Designed for government organizations and corporate retreats, your choice of either a 4-hour or a 90-minute workshop can kickstart or reinvigorate the creativity of your teams.

Concepts in these workshops come from nearly 20 years of experience leading creative teams at the crossroads of NASA and the music, television and film industries.